Wolf's Den Tavern

The Wolf’s Den Tavern was built from the ruins of an old tannery demolished during the early years of Dreadhill. Hastily constructed several decades ago, the structure is disproportionate and dilapidated. Roughly shaped like an ‘L’, the tavern forms the corner of an alleyway that meets the street. The short end has the main entrance, heavily shadowed beneath the overhang of a lumpy sloping roof of patchwork shingles.

The strongest standing stone wall of the original tannery forms the backbone of the tavern rising up as high as twelve feet in some places. The rest of the exterior walls are made of old bricks, mostly salvaged from other ruins. Another entrance lies within the alleyway, the private residence of the Inn’s proprietor, a retired soldier and smuggler named Musa. Men like Musa thrive in the border towns of the frontier.

Constables-deputies rarely come near The Wolf’s Den tavern. By reputation it is far too dangerous and seedy for lawful folk. Many of its patrons hail from the rougher fringes of society. Rogues, thugs, legionnaires, soldiers, smugglers, bandits, mercenaries and adventurers. In truth, attitudes and behavior within the den are surprisingly civil. Musa himself is fond of saying “Business before blood”, to anyone with a temper, reminding them that he encourages the former and frowns on the latter. Musa himself is often the first to knock an unruly patron to the floor, but when necessary he has at least two cooks, two stablehands and a particularly large Mgorongoron butcher in back to back him up.

Food and drink here are easily better than expected. Musa believes good appetites make good deals and he doesn’t charge as nearly as much as he should for what he pays to have it imported out to the frontier. Musa keeps a barrel of dwarven ale tapped behind the bar, along with several vintages of Parcean Wine, Casks of Ouzo, Ale, Raki, Tsiporo, Oumou (Mgorongoron Ginger Beer) and sometimes even Tejj. However, what he looses in extravagant operating costs Musa easily makes up in black market goods and information.

Musa himself is in his mid thirties, a half-blooded Mgorongoron with old family lineage to local tribes. His demeanor is disarmingly cheerful, always quick with a grin or a joke but by no means a pushover. Musa was an army scout and logistics expert for sixteen long years. He’s seen more than his share of battlefields and bloody encounters with Gnoll warbands.

His familiarity with regional geography, trade expertise and plethora of partners could easily earn him a fortune except for two things. Firstly, all trade and commerce is strictly taxed by the Church of Wruen and the ruling Archons. Second, Musa’s low-birth means he has no rights into the merchant trade in the first place (which is otherwise dominated by old aristocratic families of the interior).

Wolf's Den Tavern

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