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(Capital) Dreadhelmar
Sites and Landmarks

The Dread Marches

A large disputed territory between the realms of men and the holdings of the Warmonger Gnolls.


A small, militant frontier state on Athenea’s eastern border.


Founded one hundred and sixty years ago, Dreadhelm has managed to grow prosperous and expansive despite its proximity to the Dread Marches.

Dreadhelm has been ruled by the Dreadhelm family for its entire history from its capital city Dreadhelmar.


As a frontier state the people of Dreadhelm are mostly poor, underprivileged and uneducated commoners trying to find opportunity where they can.

Besides the Dreadhelm family, there are not many aristocrats living here, though several wealthy merchant families here yearn to marry into the Dreadhelm family for influence and station.

Archons govern harshly here, ruling their fiefdoms with an iron fist squeezing every bit of labor out of their serfs. That is likely because these lands hold less value then elsewhere in the commonwealth, and their goods have to travel further to fetch a good price.

Skilled tradesman, priests and wizards are fewer and far between here as there is less wealth to go around. Adventurers, bounty hunters and mercenaries however roam here in greater numbers. There’s always desperate folk hereabouts offering work, and the promise of unknown treasures and dangers in the Dread Marches lure many to their doom.


The Church of Wruen in Dreadhelm is smaller than other states. There are less priests here roaming the land settling disputes, with most of the clerics and paladins guarding the courthouse or out on tax collection.


Magistrate Kirkran Dreadhelm has much to do keeping this state prosperous and safe. He expects results from his subordinates and has no qualms about replacing those who fail him. He hand picks Town mayors and village administrators who are loyal to him to act as his eyes and ears away from his capital city.

Marshal Conlan Kurtzwolf has a reputation for cruelty and pride. He holds the lions share of responsibility for law and order in this state but has done little to show for it.

Archon General Rendor Lorant has never had a great relationship with the magistrate who is constantly leaning on him to mobilize the archons. However, as the archons themselves lack in honor and popularity in these parts Rendor has his work cut out for him.

Dreadhelm has traditionally been a stronghold for The Legion, who often perform much of the patrol and scouting duties that archons avoid. The Legion commandery here is led by General Ubius Marek, a veteran of great renown who makes no secret of his desire to conquer the Dread Marches. However, it is known the prime magistrate looks upon him with disfavor and that honor will likely never be his.

Orders and Establishments

The Legion

Joining the legion is the only way criminals can avoid severe punishment from banditry, thuggery or murder. Legionnaires are branded on their cheek marking them for life.

Since its inception, the Legion has earned a reputation for cunning and brutality in battle. A fitting assessment for a unit made up of murderers, thugs and bandits lacking in chivalry and military training.

  • Conspiracy Against the Hegemony
    Execution or Life in prison
  • Murder
    Execution or Lifelong Service in the Legion
  • Rape
    Imprisonment for 90 Days, Restitution to the victim
  • Affront or Insult to a High Official, Judge or Magistrate
    Imprisonment for 30 Days, 1,500 GP Fine, + 1 dozen Lashes
  • Affront or Insult to an Aristocrat or Official
    Imprisonment for 30 Days, 500 GP Fine, + Nine Lashes
  • Affront or Insult to an Archon
    Forfeit Life in a duel with the Archon
  • Affront or Insult to a Lesser Official or Priest
    1 Week in Jail, + Five Lashes
  • Arson or Major Theft
    Imprisonment for 30 Days, 1,500 GP Fine, + Five Lashes
  • Banditry or Thuggery 3rd Offense
    Imprisonment for 1 Year, 5,000 GP Fine, + Twenty Lashes, + Loss of a Hand or Lifelong Service in the Legion
  • Banditry or Thuggery 2nd Offense
    Imprisonment for 60 Days, 1,000 GP Fine, + Ten Lashes, + Loss of a finger or Lifelong Service in the Legion
  • Banditry or Thuggery 1st Offense
    Imprisonment for 30 Days, 500 GP Fine, + Five Lashes, + Loss of a finger or Lifelong Service in the Legion
  • Assault or Theft
    Two Weeks in Jail, 300 GP Fine, + Four Lashes
  • Trespassing or Vandalism
    1 Week in Jail, 150 GP Fine, + Four Lashes
  • Affront, Insult, or Drunken Disorderliness before the Law
    1 Day in Jail, 25 GP Fine, + Four Lashes
Customs, Kinship, and Marriage
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