Torgrimm Dwarfholds

Torgrimm Dwarfholds


Size: 1,200 square miles
Allegiance: Independent Sovereign
Government: Dwarven Monarchy
Power Center Alignment: LN
Technology Base: Late Crusades
Population: Approx 36,000
Population Demographics: 70% Underground, 30% On the Surface; 65% Urban Dwellers, 25% Rural Dwellers, 10% Abroad
Racial Demographics: 60% Mountain Dwarves, 20% Hill Dwarves, 4% Sundered Dwarves, 2% Deep Dwarves, 4% Humans, 8% Demihumans, 2% Humanoids
Class Demographics: 25% Military, 15% Clergy, 15% Upper Class, 30% Middle Class, 15% Lower Class
Law Rank:
Transitions: 100+ Years of Order
Legal Code: Old Legal Code; Laws of Torgrimm
Law Enforcement: Strong
Corruption: Hardly Any
Social Standing: Always Matters

Kraljakar (Capital) Magalack
Surface Towns
Elibin Norili Dwek Bofain
Ellond Doldal Dal Delrak
Sites and Landmarks
Arosis River Mt Magal Mt Kraljak
West North East South
Elven Kingdom of Seillon Kingdom of Nefer Emirate of Khorasa Kingdom of Vulkh
Skull Mountain Hegemony Kingdom of Barossa



Dwarves have lived in these mountains for at least two thousand years, though they have only been called the Torgrimm Dwarfholds for the last four hundred years.

The Dwarven Kingdom of Whurgythmora 2,000+ years ago

Before that they were part of the Dwarven Kingdom of Whurgythmora, which also included Mt Gythmora in the east, now called Skull Mountain. The capital of Whurgythmora was the mountain stronghold of Kurukshetra, now lost to the evil humanoids who rule the mountain as the Skull Mountain Hegemony.

Torgrimm IronAxe, cousin to the king and governor of Kraljakar led a long campaign to re-take Mt Gythmora shortly after it fell, but could not succeed despite the loss of thousands of lives. He returned to Kraljakar in disgrace, where there was already talk of forming a new kingdom. Torgrimm argued against the notion, declaring that he would return to Mt Gythmora as soon as he gathered more men.

The Torgrimm Dwarfholds 400 Years Ago

A bitter debate followed between himself, the governor of Magalack, and the heads of the various powerful clans. In the end it was decided that there was no longer any hope of rescuing anyone from the mountain who had not already escaped. Neither would retaking it bring back the lives that were already lost. Thus, it should not be an immediate priority.

A new kingdom would be formed with Kraljakar as its capital. Governor Torgrimm seemed like the natural choice to be king, given his experience and noble blood, but in fact it was a very close election.

Merchant clans that were much richer then the IronAxe clan had long chafed at the fact that their riches could not buy them all the influence they wanted, and thus attempted to bribe favor with anyone they could to see themselves ascend the throne. They argued that they should focus on trade, not warmongering.

Things were so tense after the election that King Torgrimm decided to compromise with the merchant clans. He would forgo the tradition of an heir and declared that his was not a traditional kingdom, but rather a conglomeration of clans or ‘dwarfholds’. The crown would not be inherited by virtue of blood, but through elections. This angered many traditionalists, but it kept the merchant clans from leaving and taking their wealth with them.

The issue of retaking Mt Gythmora had to be settled as well. It was decided that campaigns would be sent at least once a year, but they would be made up entirely of volunteers, as it would not be fair to ask a standing army to die for the memory of those who perished, vs the lives of those who still lived. As king, Torgrimm could no longer personally lead the campaigns. Others tried over the course of several decades… but the cause was eventually considered hopeless.

There hasn’t been a serious attempt to retake Mt Gythmora for over three hundred years. Although the elves of the Elven Kingdom of Seillon have often bitterly complained about their new neighbors, there’s never been any real talk about a joint attack.

Torgrimm IronAxe Dies 350 years ago

King Torgrimm died at an age of 164 in suspicious circumstances. King Durrid Goldenshield was elected to rule after him, and his policies were much more favorable to the merchant clans way of thinking.

Torgrimm’s Dwarfbridge Comissioned 325 years ago

One of King Durrid’s first acts as King, was to begin official diplomatic trade talks with the Vul, trying to open up new markets for their dwarven goods. These talks went well, as it seemed the Vul were much richer and trade-savvy then the dwarves realized.

King Durrid also made an effort to convince the Vul that dwarven craftsmanship was second-to-none so a negotiation was made about a bridge to span the Arosis river. It was decided to name the bridge after their late monarch in his honor. The Dwarves agreed to charge less up front in exchange for toll-rights to the bridge after it was finished.

The bridge took 25 years to complete, but the Vul were so impressed by it that they decided to expand upon the project adding a fortress on the western shore. That only took 5 years to finish however, as the bridge itself was invaluable to speed along construction.

Masaeus Comissioned 300 years ago

The Vul then decided to build a new city named Masaeus to serve as a trade hub beside the bridge at such an enormous cost it would bankrupt most small kingdoms. It took the dwarves a decade to plan its layout to exacting Vul specifications and prepare its foundations, with an inner district of towering palaces at its center from which the Vul can fly to any part of the city in the shortest amount of time possible.

No time was spared laying out its streets and drainage system either, so while it took nearly fifty years to build, the city has held up in such remarkably good condition it seems recently constructed even today.

King Durrid Dies 150 years ago

King Durrid lived to an age of 315. His successor is king Ervar GemKeeper who many see as another a puppet for the policies of the merchant clans. Presently, Ervar is 248 years old and in poor health. It is anyones guess how many years are left in his reign. Meanwhile, the warrior clans are doing their best to organize support for a future warrior king.

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Torgrimm Dwarfholds

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