Kobolds on Sion are largely similar to their brethren on other worlds, except for very rare subspecies’ who are believed to carry more of the unique blood of Sions dragons in particular.


Kobold societies on Sion are best described as theocracies, but beyond that they vary quite a lot depending on which god they worship. Kobold tribes usually live near enough to their sworn enemies to please their gods with frequent ritual sacrifices.


Kobolds have five racial deities. Kurtulmak (LE) is known to be the patron deity of Kobolds and sworn enemy of Gnomes. Userrwroth (LN) is a kobold god who serves true dragons and is a sworn enemy of Vul. Warrisril (CN) is a goddess of fertility and sworn enemy of Elves. Untorangon (CE) is a truly evil god of the underdark and sworn enemy of Dwarves. Enlyerak (NE) Is a vile god of thieves and sworn enemy of Halflings.


Kobold tribes are divided into castes, based around roles individual kobolds do best to serve the tribe. There is a worker caste, a warrior caste, a sorcery caste, a priestly caste and a leadership caste. At about age 5, most kobold young have decide which caste they belong too, but it is not unheard of to change castes. The leadership caste for instance often transfers worthy kobolds into its ranks from other castes.

Leaders in respective castes are best identified by the colored tunics they wear. Red for warriors, yellow for leaders, green for workers, blue for sorcerers, white for priests. A secretive caste of assassins and infiltrators is also rumored to exist who wear black.

All these castes serve the winged-caste, or ruling caste of larger winged-kobolds known as Greater Kobolds. Greater Kobolds are largely creatures of legend, hidden away in the deepest caves of kobold lairs, dispensing orders and mandates to lesser kobolds around the world. This form of imposed isolation, far from cowardly, is endured in the knowledge that should they show themselves to any but their lesser cousins they would certainly be exterminated.

Kobold gods are all believed to have once been greater kobolds, except for Kurtulmak. Followers of Kurtulmak are the only ones who do not hold greater kobolds in esteem higher than their own high priests.

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