Hegemony of Athenea

Hegemony of Athenea

Size: Approx 15,000 square miles
Allegiance: Independent Sovereign
Government: Parliament ruled by a Prime Magistrate
Power Center Alignment: LN
Technology Base: Crusades
Population: (Mixed) Approx 300,000; 20 persons per square mile;
Population Demographics: 30% Urban Dwellers, 55% Rural Dwellers, 15% Abroad
Racial Demographics: 75% Humans, 20% Demihumans, 5% Humanoids
Class Demographics: 20% Military, 5% Clergy, 5% Upper Class, 20% Middle Class, 50% Lower Class, 0% Slaves
Law Rank: 6
Transitions: 1500+ Years of Order
Legal Code: Old legal code
Law Enforcement: Moderately Strong
Corruption: One-third of officials corrupt
Social Standing: Always Matters

Dreadhelm Helmskull Easthelm Westhelm
Northhelm Southhelm Silverhelm Sunderhelm
Sites and Landmarks
SeaWind Mountains SeaHorn Mountains River of Thorns
Kingdom of Kumbi Kingdom of Sesea Colony of Gallicus Dread Marches

Athenea is a large hegemony claiming a sizable chunk of Mgorongoro as its territory. It is divided into several states each ruled by a Magistrate from an aristocratic family. It is a militant feudal society ruled by a Prime Magistrate.

Most of the land is owned by Archons, an elite group of soldiers, trained from childhood to serve thirty years in the army. When they retire, they are granted a parcel of land called a fief, with authority over serfs that dwell there. Archons are tasked to keep and train a garrison of soldiers and lead them into battle if called upon.


Nearly sixteen hundred years old, the Hegemony of Athenea was originally founded by Parcean immigrants. It has now grown larger then Parcea itself, by waging wars against the native Mgorongorons. However, the Thorn River in the east has long been a border not so easily pushed back, for what lies beyond it are the Dread Marches. Home to a huge number of dangerous Gnolls.


It is tradition in this kingdom for the affix ‘helm’ be used exclisively by aristocratic families in their surname. So for example, there are Blackhelms, Redhelms, Whitehelms, etc. Membership in the aristocracy requires legitimate bloodlines somewhere in their family tree.

Quality of life here is good for the the aristocracy and the Archons but not so great for commoners and serfs who lack representation among the aristocrats. Their well being largely depends on the largess of the archons who own the land, or appeals to the Church of Wruen who make the laws. However such appeals are rarely ever without cost.

Some say Athenea’s expansion has reached a plateau, and is not likely to grow any larger without reform. The aristocracy has become increasingly disconnected and disinterested in the plight of their leasers, especially those on the outlying areas.

In this hegemony, the aristocracy are masters of every type of skilled profession, including and not limited too military service, arcane study, construction, trade, exploration and administration.


One check to the power of the aristocracy is the Church of Wruen, the blind god of justice. Priests of Wruen serve as judges and lawmakers. They occupy fortified courthouses and maintain their own militant force of clerics and paladins. They say all in Athenea are beholden to the law, and not even the Prime Magistrate can overturn a judgement from the church, but the truth of these claims is far from certain.

Some believe Wruen is a false god with a corrupt following. However, since judges are also responsible for land rights and tax collection, those in power have a lot to loose speaking out against them.


Beneath the prime magistrate are top officials in his court, such as the Master Sheriff in charge of internal security, the Master General in charge of his armies, and the Master Engineer in charge of building and road construction.

The Athenean Arcane Academy is also of great service to the crown headed by a powerful mage, referred to as the Master Mage, who has traditionally been the kings most powerful adviser.

The Church of Wruen plays a key roll in tax collection and legal arbitration headed by the Spiritual Master.

Orders and Establishments

The Legion

Before the Legion, Athenea’s dungeons became dangerously crowded leading to an uprising and a revolt. The Master Sheriff created the Legion as a way of putting condemned men to better use guarding the borders.

Joining the legion is the only way criminals can avoid severe punishment from banditry, thuggery or murder. Legionnaires are branded on their cheek marking them for life.

Since its inception, the Legion has earned a reputation for cunning and brutality in battle. A fitting assessment for a unit made up of murderers, thugs and bandits lacking in chivalry and military training.

  • Conspiracy Against the Hegemony
    Execution or Life in prison
  • Murder
    Execution or Lifelong Service in the Legion
  • Rape
    Imprisonment for 90 Days, Restitution to the victim
  • Affront or Insult to a High Official, Judge or Magistrate
    Imprisonment for 30 Days, 1,500 GP Fine, + 1 dozen Lashes
  • Affront or Insult to an Aristocrat or Official
    Imprisonment for 30 Days, 500 GP Fine, + Nine Lashes
  • Affront or Insult to an Archon
    Forfeit Life in a duel with the Archon
  • Affront or Insult to a Lesser Official or Priest
    1 Week in Jail, + Five Lashes
  • Arson or Major Theft
    Imprisonment for 30 Days, 1,500 GP Fine, + Five Lashes
  • Banditry or Thuggery 3rd Offense
    Imprisonment for 1 Year, 5,000 GP Fine, + Twenty Lashes, + Loss of a Hand or Lifelong Service in the Legion
  • Banditry or Thuggery 2nd Offense
    Imprisonment for 60 Days, 1,000 GP Fine, + Ten Lashes, + Loss of a finger or Lifelong Service in the Legion
  • Banditry or Thuggery 1st Offense
    Imprisonment for 30 Days, 500 GP Fine, + Five Lashes, + Loss of a finger or Lifelong Service in the Legion
  • Assault or Theft
    Two Weeks in Jail, 300 GP Fine, + Four Lashes
  • Trespassing or Vandalism
    1 Week in Jail, 150 GP Fine, + Four Lashes
  • Affront, Insult, or Drunken Disorderliness before the Law
    1 Day in Jail, 25 GP Fine, + Four Lashes
Customs, Kinship, and Marriage
Other Races

Hegemony of Athenea

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