Fools Gold Tavern

Fools Gold Tavern

The Fools Gold Tavern is one of the better built in town, constructed with walls of mortared stone with a tile roof. It has four chimneys, one for the kitchen, one for the common room, one for the private seating area and one for the owners quarters. There are large glass windows with a wide view of the street in both the common room and the private seating area. Those in the private seating area are magically enchanted to only see through clearly looking out.

Those with mounts can tie them up to several brass rings affixed to the front porch. Inside the common room there’s a small bar with five stools as well as five circular tables. The tavern also has a small walled herb garden in the rear which you can access by a side gate in the alley (always locked), a side door in the private seating area or a backdoor from the main common room (always locked). Commoners off the street and newcomers to the city aren’t permitted into the ‘private seating area’ in case they are spies or informants for the vulfear or the thieves guild.

Ubayullah Zaide is the owner of this tavern, an old cripple who lost a leg above the knee. He walks know with the aide of a crutch that always rests beneath his right shoulder. Despite his infirmity, Ubayullah is highly respected and well liked. Indeed there are many who wanted him to serve as Cabarda’s Merchant Lord instead of Farik, a man he despises.

Ubayullah has important political connections and powerful friends among rich merchants and respected guild leaders. However, in truth, Ubayullah despises snobs and those who profit from slavery. He built this tavern as a place where honest tradesman can meet and share a drink.

Anyone associated with Merchant Lord Farik, the thieves guild, or whom otherwise has a criminal reputation are not welcome. Only honest patrons making an honest living are treated well. (Officially of course, they cannot bar any door against the town guard or town officials)

The kitchen is run by two women, both younger sisters to Ubayullah. The bartender is his younger brother Isra. He also employs two servers and two bouncers. One who watches the front door/common room while the other guards the private seating area.

Fools Gold Tavern

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