Xiaolong Shu

Human (Caishian)/Werebull, Age 61, 4'10"


He is usually found slouching forward in an arch.

His head is bald but has grey facial hair in a long “fu manchu” roughly 5 inches in length. His face covered in many wrinkles. He has bushy grey eyebrows with small brown eyes hiding beneath them.

his muscles are small but toned across his body, he has a small round distinctive gut hanging under his boney ribcage. His hands are slender with boney digits and smooth flat knuckles.

He wears a simple brown hemp shirt and loose hemp pants with a rope belt. He carries upon his hip a small flask made of foreign wood, a small pouch tied to the belt, and a small metal pipe approximately 10 inches in length. Upon his feet he wears simple straw sandals.

Picture of Xiaolong in werebull hybrid form:

Xiaolong as a young man:



Xiaolong was an orphan child given to the Tzuchen monastary of the wind shortly after he was born, he was named and raised there since birth. He had a firey spirit and a competetive demeanor which helped qualify him to be a martial monk and protect people in the village. He grew up alongside his best monastary friend Bo who was a sage monk, a scholar in science arts and spirituality. He was also Xiaolongs moral compass.
When Xiaolong went to his first exchange of knowledge festival at the age of 15 he was struck down during a match by a sothern water style school. He was facinated by the style and took up learning it himself along side his wind style.


He started to become a local hero by the age of 23 when he would lead teams of martial monks to protect from foreign raiders, sometimes even routing them single handedly. When he turned 25 a vicious group of Katanese raiders assaulted his village while he was meditating. He then approached the raiders camp and challenged their leader to a duel, to his suprise their leader was a ronin woman named Yoshitake Tomoe who was just a year younger then him.

Tomoe was never accepted as samurai because of her sex, despite her great talent with a sword. Nevertheless, Xiaolong was able to disarm Tomoe and win the duel. Aftwards, Yoshitake made it clear she planned to end her life, as per katanese custom. Xiaolong didn’t wish her death or dishonor, so at the last minute he inexplicably declared the duel a draw and ran away.

Tomoe swore to finish the duel with Xiaolong once and for all, but he would never allow himself to be found. In frustration, she led additional attacks against his village demanding him to show himself. Yet every duel they fought ended the same way, with Xiaolong declaring the duel a draw. This rivalry spurned Tomoe to risk her life defending his village against other raiders stating she would be the only one allowed to defeat him. Tomoe’s raids against Xiaolong’s village continued for two years until Bo had an idea to change their defensive tactics. The next time her band of raiders approached his village they were met with a great feast and festival in their honor instead of armed resistance.

After the welcoming festival the Katanese raiders stopped their attacks and they lived more or less peacefully together. Tomoe’s vendetta against Xiaolong turned into love as she confessed to give up her self-proclaimed title of ronin to be his wife. Of course, as a monk, Xiaolong could not marry unless he decided to leave the monastery in disgrace before his training was complete. For Xiaolong achieving the status of ‘master’ mattered more than anything. He told Tomoe that he would only marry her once he achieved this goal. And towards that end, he believed that winning the exchange of knowledge tournament a little less then a year away would give him the recognition he needed to be named master by his monastery.


Xiaolong turned 30 shortly before he embarked on the journey to the festival and proceeded to win the tournament against a formidable northern Ox-style student. However in his arrogance, Xiaolong proceeded to call out the Ox student’s master for a battle. This was extremely disrespectful to the northern ox school, and embarrassing to his own school because only a master should call out another master. The northern Ox’s master, Liu Biu, accepted Xiaolong’s challenge on two conditions. The first was that he must fight him at their monastery. The second was that it must be a private match and not a public spectacle.

Xiaolong agreed and found himself escorted to the monastery of the northern ox. Xiaolong’s battle with Liu Biu was epic and very challenging.. However, Xiaolong’s wind-and-water style eventually prevailed as he struck down Liu Biu. But instead of surrendering, Liu Biu explained that he had yet to demonstrate the true strength of the northern ox school. Liu Biu then transformed into a hybrid werebull and declared that this fight would continue… to the death! Xiaolong fought with all his skill but in the end the werebull was too ferocious. Liu Biu skewered Xiaolong upon his horns and dropped his unconscious, bleeding body to the ground.

Yet unknown to those involved, Tomoe was actually spying on the match and chose that moment to intervene to save Xiaolong’s life. She swore she would kill anyone who tried to stop her from taking him away with her to safety. The master of the northern ox school merely laughed, explaining that Xiaolong’s fate was worse then death.

Xiaolong spent two whole weeks in dire condition after the battle, barely surviving such grievous wounds. Yet shortly after hope returned that he might regain his strength, the full moon rose. Xiaolong became a werebull, stampeding through the streets of his village. He only managed to avoid killing anyone because of Tomoe’s intervention.

Xiaolong could not be consoled even after he returned to normal form. He told Tomoe that he was no longer worthy of her, that he was a danger to everyone he cared about and must cleanse himself of his curse. Tomoe vowed to protect his village until he returned. On his own now, Xiaolong began to consider the teachings of saint Kitesvara more carefully and adopt his dogma as his path to salvation.

Present Day__________________________________________________________________

Now 31 years later, he still has not managed to cure himself of his curse. And until he does, he’s vowed to keep traveling to protect those he cares about from himself. Currently he’s found himself far to the east, on the neighboring continent of Akhenaten where his adventures continue.

Xiaolong Shu

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