Half Orc (Human Akhenaten/Orc), Age 60


Wrusk is far along in his years with long bushy eyebrows above small, murky, angry eyes deeply recessed into their sockets. His face is well wrinkled but closely shaven and his tusks are caped with silver.
Though he stands a bit stooped and leans on a cane, the old half orc still has the look of a warrior with the hint of some frightening pale scars cut across his leathered skin. His hair is light grey and thinning into high widows peaks above his temples, but he still wears it long tied behind his neck.
He is well dressed, clearly a half orc of unusual means and taste. His leathers are of the finest quality, supple and delicately embroidered. His fingers bare jeweled silver rings and his walking stick is actually carved from some giant unknown bone. He carries no obvious weapons beside a long bone-handled knife.


(Unknown until written by player.)


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