Ersun Durim

Underfolk, Age 25, 5'6", 130lbs.


Ersun Durim is a male underfolk, a subrace of humans. His build resembles a stout elf rather than an average human.
He has skin of ash gray, although as an underfolk he can change its coloration within limits, similar to a chameleon, either to emphasize a social interaction, or to camouflage himself. He has large, deep set jade eyes and also bigger ears than what would be expected of a human. His silvery-white hair is cut short on the front, but kept in a long braid at the back, reaching halfway down his back. He has thick eyebrows and a round beard on his bony face.
Although his hair and beard might make him seem old at first, he is no more than twenty-five years old, and moves firmly with the fitness of youth. He has a calm, collected presence, and speaks with a rumbling baritone voice.
His choice of clothes is somewhere between elegant and practical for travel, never knowing what to expect next. It roughly consists of a pair of heavy boots, leather breeches, belt, shirt, a fine chain shirt, a vest, a coat, a well-loaded backpack, and a modest leather hat to keep off the sun. He also carries a sword sheath about the size of a long-knife on his back.


(Unknown until written by player.)

Ersun Durim

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