Keu, Age 20, 4'8", 52lbs.


Achetii is a female Keu. Keu are small, winged, bird-like humanoids with a small beak and taloned fingers and toes. Their bodies are plump and puffy (the density is mostly feathers) while their limbs are wiry but surprisingly strong. Keu possess a rainbow-like variety of colored feathers, with certain patterns and shades unique to origins on particular lands and regions of Sion. Their eyes are bright and intelligent with keen low-light vision. Keu speech is very syllabic and pleasing to hear. Their language is almost impossible for most humanoids (without beaks) to pronounce, but the Keu can speak the language of lipped-humanoids quite easily, and are quite uncanny in their ability to mimic sounds and voices. Keu do not usually wear clothing. Their water-resistant feathers provide excellent insulation and they consider them far more beautiful than any garment. Gloves or shoes are unheard of, as their calloused hands and feet are quite tough. Three colorful Keu are shown below fleeing from a Vulkyrie Warrior:



(Unknown until written by player.)


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