Dragon (Vul)

  • Environment: Varies (Usually Kingdom of Vulkh)
  • Organization: Solitary
  • Challenge Rating: Varies
  • Treasure: Special
  • Alignment: Always evil
  • Advancement: As Monster
  • Level Adjustment: NA

The behavior, tactics, powers and strength of a VulDrake depend largely on its breeding.


VulDrake’s are the abhorrent creations of Vulkyrie mages who blended their bloodline with that of dragons as an experiment to create a new, more obedient species. No two VulDrakes are exactly alike, as the magic used to create them is not a perfect science leading to individual genetic variations. VulDrakes typically resemble their draconic subspecies enough to have recognizable attributes, but beyond that their appearance and combat abilities vary widely.


VulDrakes are one of the darkest, most guarded secrets of the Vulkyrie and thus are carefully hidden unless they are being used to destroy something or someone. It is extremely rare to see a VulDrake in the flesh. The Vulfear consider VulDrakes one of their most potent weapons and do their best to keep them a secret.

Known VulDrakes


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