Tan-skinned desert dwellers from the Sezzara Wasteland region of Akhenaten. These people are usually dark-haired and slim of build. Men average 5’8” in height. Eye color for full-blooded Quresh is always gold, but may only be shades of gold if they have mixed blood. Unlike traditional Akhenaten culture, the Quresh have no qualms about women dressing revealingly in public.


Akhenaten; Verbal & Written. Common; Verbal & Written. Many Quresh also learn evil humanoid languages to better rule and enslave them.


The Quresh are as mysterious as they are infamous. Most of them encountered abroad are merchants, traders, artisans or bards. People of skill and talent, shrewd with business, worldly and polite towards other cultures. The truth is though such tribesman exist only as a cover. Rarely trustworthy, the Quresh are loyal to only two things, their tribe and their evil goddess. Those who deal with the Quresh quickly learn how they are capable of anything and rightly fear them.

For every one of those seemingly kind and charming Quresh there are at least four seasoned smugglers, slavers, spies, assassins or worse. Every honest deal or act of kindness by the Quresh is done to disguise or balance out a bad one. The only truth about the Quresh is how they operate by a creedo. The Quresh always finish the job. That credo keeps their coffers full.

Many cultures consider the Quresh criminals and outlaws, but not all. Some lands forbid Quresh to live or have dealings in their territory, but only a few have ever risked open war with them. Any invasion into the Sezzara wasteland is folly, and everyone knows how many forces the Quresh can summon in their defense if they had a mind to do so. It is known some governments have secret dealings with the Quresh offering them wholesale prices on goods and supplies needed to support their population in exchange for help in darker matters.

It is a mystery to most how the Quresh actually live and raise their children because outsiders aren’t permitted into Sezzara to witness it. However It is known the ruler of the Quresh is called the Sheikh. Their wasteland is divided into provinces under rule of a Chief. The Quresh standing army is commanded by a Chief General under direct command of the Shiekh. The Shiekh also has important advisors known as the Chief Mistress and the Chief Priestess.

Mistresses are companions, trained by the Quresh as ambassadors and spies. They are highly desirable among the decadent and powerful for their social graces and carnal knowledge.

  • Worship of Zhieros
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