Kingdom of Vulkh

Kingdom of Vulkh


Size: Approx 5,500 square miles
Allegiance: Independent Sovereign
Government: Vul Monarchy
Power Center Alignment: LE
Technology Base: Crusades
Population: (Mixed) Approx 110,000, 20 persons per square mile;
Population Demographics: 50% Urban Dwellers, 45% Rural Dwellers, 5% Abroad
Racial Demographics: 70% Humans, 20% Demihumans, 8% Humanoids, 2% Vul
Class Demographics: 10% Military, 5% Clergy, 5% Upper Class, 20% Middle Class 30% Lower Class, 20% Slaves
Law Rank: 6
Transitions: 100+ Years of Order
Legal Code: Old legal code, Laws of Vulkh
Law Enforcement: Moderate
Corruption: Some
Social Standing: Usually Matters

Ayuthaya (Capital) Masaeus
Abassas Andar Tranta Terscen Pehavi Tabba Kara
Oriba Imirette Akali Kavati Artani Tachir Cabarda
Sites and Landmarks
Thayamar Desert Al Hana Lake Al Chal Forest
Al Cori Wood Susa River Arosis River
West North East South
Skull Mountain Hegemony Elven Kingdom of Seillon Torgrimm Dwarfholds Kingdom of Maharatha
Kingdom of Nefer Emirate of Khorasa
Kingdom of Barossa

The Kingdom of Vulkh is the sole kingdom on Sion ruled by the Vul. They seized power a thousand years ago and have ruled very harshly ever since. A large portion of the population are slaves.


Kingdom of Summara – 1,500 Years Ago

This region was once ruled by Akhenatens who called it the Kingdom of Summara. Its last human king was King Hamza, a vainglorious and unpopular ruler who demanded huge monuments built in his honor. These monuments, built exclusively by slaves, were a waste of valuable labor that could have been used improving the land.

Attack of the Land Dragon – 1000 Years Ago

Khetsara-Akular was a great female Land Dragon who began to prey upon the slave laborers quarrying stone from the hills on the outskirts of her territory. The people asked King Hamza to rid them of this threat and he in turn asked Vulkh, an albino Vul living in Ayuthaya to slay her on his behalf.

Kingdom of Vulkh – 999 Years Ago

King Vulkh was a clever albino Vul who seized power from King Hamza through trickery and deceit. His fellow Vul from the Vulmek Rookery took up residence in the royal palace after aiding him in slaying Khetsara-Akular, the great female Land Dragon who attacked Ayuthaya, and have lived there ever since as the ruling elite.


Life in the Kingdom of Vulkh is very harsh for most. Many of them are slaves to the Vul regarded as the master race. Vul are free to go wherever they please and do much of whatever they please.


The Vul rule here, with King Vulerion in power for the last 24 years. He is beholden to the Vul Elder council who still reside in the Vulmek Rookery on Mt. Sumeru. King Vulerion does not rule the Vul, he rules the humans and other other races who dwell here.

Beneath him are human merchant lords who pay exorbitant taxes for the privilege of owning businesses, lands, and real estate. The richest and most powerful of these would be Baron Zomok who rules the city of Maseaus to the east. King Vulerion has a small standing army but a large network of assassins, enforcers, informants, and spies called the Vulfear who tirelessly investigate any threat to his power and ensure he gets a kingly share of any wealth generated within his kingdom.

Towns elect their own mayors, who speak on their behalf, but the protection of Vulkh’s citizens fall on local sheriffs and their deputy’s. Merchant lords hire mercenaries or adventuring parties as caravan guards.

The kings elite military force are known as Vulkyrie. A group of highly disciplined and trained Vul, specialized in aerial combat, who patrol the skies.


It is considered taboo for any non Vul to stand up to, look at, or speak to a Vul as an equal. All Vul are referred to as “high one” by non Vul. It is a great honor for a Vul to permit a non Vul to speak his name, and even if he does it usually must be preceded by the moniker “high one”, especially when a non Vul is referring to a another Vul in the 3rd person. Non Vul should never speak as though they are too familiar or of an equal status to Vul.


By law, no other intelligent creature or race has right to fly in the skies above the Kingdom of Vulkh. Those that do are brought down by the Vulkyries by manner of nets or spells and interrogated. If they resist they are usually executed as an example to others. If they do not resist, their wings (assuming they have them) may be clipped instead as a warning.

By law Vul cannot be accosted or arrested by any other race within the Kingdom of Vulkh, but they can be reported to other Vul who may hold them accountable for wrongdoing. And usually, what counts as wrongdoing is taking goods or services that belong to a merchant lord held in high regard by the king. And even then, it has to be a truly grievous offense for a lowly human of any rank to risk affronting the king about another Vul.

Customs, Kinship, and Marriage

Vul customs and marriage are largely unknown to most humans because Vul live above and apart from them in seclusion. Vul do not seem to care who humans marry or why, so most of the ancient Akhenaten customs are still used. Except that no dowry of any real value is offered for a bride and the wedding itself should be simple and plain because any show of wealth could attract the attention of the Vulfear.

Other Races

Kingdom of Vulkh

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