Kingdom of Barossa

Kingdom of Barossa


Size: Approx 2,400 square miles
Allegiance: Independent Sovereign
Government: Human Monarchy
Power Center Alignment: LE (Nobility) vs. TN faction (Parliament)
Technology Base: Early Renaissance
Population: 48,000 (Mixed) Approx 20 persons per square mile.
Population Demographics: 60% Rural, 20% Urban, 20% Abroad
Racial Demographics: 83% Humans, 8% Demihumans, 9% Humanoids
Class Demographics: 10% Military, 5% Clergy, 2% Upper Class, 59% Middle Class, 24% Lower Class, 0% Slaves
Law Rank: 2
Transitions: 1 year of order (since Ortherage Charter), after 20 years of war.
Overthrows: None (since Ortherage Charter), 2 violent overthrows during the war.
Legal Code: New Legal Code (The Ortherage Charter)
Law Enforcement: Very Strong
Corruption: Some
Social Standing: Sometimes Matters

Casalan (Capital)
Rothar Sulsk Worra Cherera Festan Poldara
Sites and Landmarks
Lake Loreen Belandrao Mountain Urzuq Hills Ardech Forest
Kingdom of Vulkh Emirate of Khorasa Stonebones Clan

The Kingdom of Barossa is located east of the Kingdom of Vulkh.


The Wager – 50 years Ago

Fifty years ago, The famously well traveled and fabulously wealthy merchant/pirate Barossa won this land from the Emir of Khorasa in a wager. He was told he could claim as king, as much land as he could surround in one week riding one of the Emirs horses that he picked at random.

The horse Barossa chose was named Bucephalus and he served Barossa well as his faithful steed during his wager. However Barossa did not ride Bucephalus too hard. He knew the stipulation of the wager was that he had to ride the same horse the entire time. If the horse died before a week had passed, he would not gain as much land.

In all, Barossa circled an area of 2,400 square miles that would become his kingdom. Bucephalus lived a long life afterwards, and when he died King Barossa had a memorial built in his honor in the central square of his capital city.

The Reign of King Barossa – 50 years ago.

King Barossa was fair and just, intelligent and wise. His knowledge of lands and cultures far and wide gave him great insight into how best to govern and modernize his kingdom. Indeed during his reign Casalan was gaining a reputation as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in all of Akhenaten.

King Barossa Dies – 22 years ago.

At the age of 75, king Barossa passed on leaving the kingdom to his eldest son, prince Amos.

Reign of King Amos – 21 Years ago.

King Amos suffered from madness however, and his short and brutal reign reached its pinnacle after only one year had passed when he ordered his army to attack his own people in the middle of the night because of a nightmare. That night was henceforth known as the Midnight Massacre.

News of the midnight massacre spread quickly, and the nobles of the townships rallied together to resist the onslaught and protect their people, forming their own army. However the standing army was not ordered far beyond the capital because the king was murdered by the queen, rumoredly because the king was threatening his own children in the grip of madness.

Amos’ brother tried to seize power, claiming that Amos’ son would be similarly tainted with madness and should not be king. But the queen had powerful allies of her own, claiming that Amos’ brother Brom had poisoned the kings wine that night causing the nightmares.

Civil War – 20 Years ago.

A vicious civil war broke out afterwards, with various members of the royal family taking sides against each other, pulling the local nobles into the struggle. These were dark days for the Kingdom of Barossa, with a great number of atrocities committed in the name of royal entitlement and privilege.

The Ortherage Charter – 1 year ago.

Last year, on the twentieth anniversary of the midnight massacre, a new charter was ratified which limited the power of the royal family in favor of power sharing with an elected parliament. So that no single man could over again order the deaths of so many others. Amos’ son, King Broden, had come of age by now and was crowned king after the charter was ratified.

Current Events

Recently, there are rumors of strange and secretive behavior by King Broden and his closest allies, which lead some to speculate about all sorts of dire plots. There are whispers the king may try and seize the former power of the crown away from parliament.

Customs, Kinship, and Marriage
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Kingdom of Barossa

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