Elven Kingdom of Seillon

Elven Kingdom of Siellon


Size: Approx 400 square miles
Allegiance: Independent Sovereign
Government: Elven Monarchy
Power Center Alignment: LG
Technology Base: Crusades
Population: (Mixed) Approx 8,000, 20 persons per square mile;
Population Demographics: 25% Urban Dwellers, 70% Rural Dwellers, 5% Abroad
Racial Demographics: 80% Elves, 10% Demihumans, 8% Humans, 2% Keu
Class Demographics: 10% Military, 15% Clergy, 5% Upper Class, 50% Middle Class 25% Lower Class
Law Rank:
Transitions: 100+ Years of Order
Legal Code: Old legal code, Laws of Siellon
Law Enforcement: Moderate
Corruption: Some
Social Standing: Usually Matters

Elsalemar (Capital)
Maial Shael Gaelil
Sites and Landmarks
Nemir River Rua’las Lake Susa River Arosis River
Aellan Wood Selas Forest
West North East South
Skull Mountain Hegemony Kingdom of Nefer Torgrimm Dwarfholds Kingdom of Vulkh

This kingdom is rather small


Kingdom is founded – 1154 Years Ago

This kingdom was envisioned by a high elf named Horith Siellon. A former lesser official from the much larger Elven Kingdom of Aegiskeryn to the north. Siellon was a diplomat of some renown, respected for his ability to negotiate with a variety of other races, and more importantly, keep things civil between different types of elves. In those years the ruling court of gray elves were not well liked so someone of Siellon’s talents was eventually honored with the role of official emissary for the ruling court.

At the time Aegiskeryn faced many threats and Siellon was disgruntled by the courts policy of disproportionately prioritizing defense of the capital region to the detriment of the rest of the kingdom.

One day, a lesser lord in a border forest sent a rider to the capital pleading for military aid. That particular lord was in disfavor with the court so they decided not to receive his messenger. Sieillon broke protocol and spoke with the messenger personally.

Immediately thereafter, Siellon used his reputation and influence to stir up support for the lesser lord. Begrudgingly, the court sent aid to avoid loosing face with the people. Very soon thereafter, Siellon was exiled. Still, the old diplomat had friends offering sanctuary far and wide. Siellon opted to travel south to the terminus of the Nemir river and the forests around Rua’las lake.

At that time, the region was sandwiched between the Dwarven Kingdom of Whurgythmora and the human Kingdom of Summara. It’s forests were populated with tribes of wood elves and wild elves while its rivers and lakes supported towns and hamlets of high elves. The burgeoning city of Elsalemar contained a stronghold of grey elves, though they were not yet powerful enough to rule over the whole region.

Siellon sought to rest and live out the rest of his years in peace, but that was not to be. Strife in the neighboring Kingdom of Summara prompted a violent coup by the evil winged race known as the Vul. Safety for the elves was henceforth seriously compromised without a friendly ally to help keep watch over their southern border.

All manner of evil humanoid took advantage of ceased patrols in the Summaran hills gathering war parties to launch incursions into the elven territory. Different elves from different tribes fell victim to these raids indiscriminately, yet they started blaming each other for allowing these surprise attacks to slip through.

Siellon met with the various leaders and discussed their options. At the end of each discussion he made them realize they were more vulnerable if they refused to work together. He also made them realize the gray elves were best suited to organize and oversee these operations with a greater repertoire of spells and flying mounts.

However, Siellons personal experience serving gray elves prompted precautions preventing corruption that existed in Aegiskeryn. It was agreed for instance that representatives from every elven tribe would hold seats in this new court as equals, without exception.

Siellons last years offering these efforts with diplomacy were very challenging, but also rewarding as he laid the foundation for an egalitarian society of elves who could better protect each other.

Siellon was tragically slain by a Gnoll ambush before he could finish his work, and yet the courts majority decided to name their new kingdom after him out of respect.

The Fall of Whurgythmora – 401 years ago

When Kurukshetra fell it collapsed without much outward sign of a struggle. The stronghold went suddenly quiet. No messages, patrols or merchant caravans were getting out and anyone who approached its gates after ascending the mountain would find them shut and securely barred from within moments before they were quickly and efficiently slaughtered by the strongholds own anti-siege weaponry.

There were some signs of battle elsewhere around the mountain to be sure, but nothing to the scale that suggested the whole stronghold was overthrown. After a few days the other dwarf lords became understandably concerned. Scouting parties were dispatched to investigate and infiltrate the mountain to see what had happened and it wasn’t just the dwarves who did so.

A small force of a hundred or so elves were dispatched to ascertain the fate of a gray elven wizard of great value to the court who happened to be visiting Kurukshatra when it went dark. Only a few scouts on recon for that group survived. When they returned they spoke of how their soldiers were lured into an ambush of hobgoblins by a dwarf who emerged from a secret tunnel in the mountain claiming to be helping wounded escape.

The court became quite incensed. Many spoke of assembling the army, but the gray elves had grown quite influential and powerful by then (indeed much more than Siellon himself would have liked) and they essentially veto’d the motion. They said it wasn’t worth further cost in elven blood to get involved in a dwarven inter-clan squabble. Instead they sent word to the dwarf lords informing him about an evident inner-clan betrayal and demanded compensation for the loss of elven soldiers.

Soon thereafter the dwarf lords amassed an army led by Torgrimm IronAxe. Though they were not exactly allies with dwarves the elves did a lot of trade with them and understood that a strong dwarven neighbor was very much like a strong shield. Fearing Whurgythmora would fall like Summara did, the gray elves sent up aerial scouts to ascertain their fate. The scouts reported an epic battle on the mountainside that wasn’t going favorably for Torgrimm.

Once again the court of Siellon discussed amassing their own army to join them. The high elves in particular were adamant that any cost of blood shed now would be less than the consequences of avoiding the conflict. Unfortunately their argument would not persuade the majority of the court and they remained disengaged.

The Torgrimm Dwarfholds – 400 years ago

When the dwarves lost their battle to retake Mt. Gythmora they had to abandon it and establish new borders, declaring the stronghold of Kraljakar as their new capital and renaming their smaller territory the Torgrimm Dwarfholds. Serious questions were asked of the elves about why they did not lend aid when it might have made a difference? None of the explanations offered by the court were satisfactory to them. Relations with the dwarves fell to an all time low as their new king cancelled all trade agreements with their old neighbor.

The Skull Mountain Hegemony – 399 years ago

It wasn’t long after Mt. Gythmora was lost before its new inhabitants started making trouble for the elves. The presence of goblinoids in the region increased ten fold, along with many monsters and occasionally hill giants! It would seem the prediction of the high elves was accurate about the future after all.

Ever since then, the elven Kingdom of Siellon has had to keep on the defensive, constantly patrolling and guarding themselves against onslaughts from Skull Mountain (formally known as Mt. Gythmora). Indeed the court of Siellon most commonly convenes to discuss various reports and sightings of activity on their borders that they need to worry about.


Elven Kingdom of Siellon

High Lord of the Court
Lord General Master of the Wild Lord Master of the Arcane Speaker for the Seldarine
General Master Ranger Lesser Lord Master Wizard High Priest
Commander Ranger Overseer High Official High Wizard Head Cleric
Captain Ranger Official Wizard Cleric
Sergeant Scout Lesser Official Acolyte Disciple

The first king of Siellon is Aranon Sharondaerl, an old gray elven friend of Siellon who invited him to the region in the first place. Aranon was a respected scholar and wizard who spoke often about the need to unify the region. However, unlike Siellon, Aranon had no gift for diplomacy. Even back then however he did have a great deal of resources and bargaining power to back any deals Siellon offered the other leaders. It may have been Siellon’s good will that brought the region together, but it was Aranon’s wealth and influence that made it a reality.

Stability in the region started to crumble the moment Siellon died. A monarch was necessary to keep progress moving forward. Ansalon was the obvious choice, even if he wasn’t a natural leader. Everyone knew he made Siellons negotiations a reality and that put a lot of gratitude in his pocket. With Ansalon as king many things happened fast. An army was quickly organized and outfitted, which was highly unusual for such a small elven kingdom. Many public works were also constructed.

He asked all the leaders of the region to come and swear fealty to him, promising wealth and power to those who obviously wanted it. However, as king, Aranon also felt entitled to use anyone in the kingdom as he saw fit. Many elves of talent and renown were invited to the capital to meet with the king. If he had a use for them he would give them a position within his court, a title, and rich rewards. This practice of ‘nationalizing’ the people did not sit will with elven tradition. Most elves resented this idea that they had to serve the crown. Their lives were supposed to be whatever they made of them, not what he made of them.

High Lord of the Court
The High Lords of the Court were originally those Siellon entreated with. They were the true leaders among the elven people, typically elders, from every major elven subrace. According to the charter they agreed on these High Lords were guaranteed a seat in the High Court at the capital with an equal vote. However, after Siellons death, the court became a far less inviting place. Some of the High Lords only visit court now for matters that directly affect their people.

The lords of this kingdom control the larger towns and settlements in the region.

Lesser Lords
The lesser lords of this kingdom control certain trade stops, forts, and outposts.

Independent Factions

Captain of the Watch Master Builder Master of Stores Guardian of Nature Keeper of the Lore High Priest

Not all of the elders agreed to Siellons plan. Some hold outs refused to change their lifestyle or traditions and remain outsiders to the court.

The most disapproving and secretive group would be the druids.

Customs, Kinship, and Marriage
Other Races

Elven Kingdom of Seillon

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