Dragons of Sion


A greater variety of dragons exist on Sion than other worlds. They are mysterious, ever-evolving creatures which adapt to their environment much faster than other living things. Some of them are impossibly old and wise, perhaps even immortal? Some prefer to live in wild, unknown places. Others live on the fringes of civilization, curious about the world of surface races.

They are able to physically change their form to adapt themselves better to their preferred local surroundings, albeit slowly, over the course of several years at least. Nothing knows the land better than a dragon knows its territory, and they can become nigh invisible if they’ve had time to camouflage themselves.

No one knows how many dragons there are, or might be, because so many choose to remain hidden. People pass through unexplored regions all the time, never sure if they might be encroaching on a Dragon’s domain. And to the contrary many men have tried to seek them out and devout their lives to their study without much success. On this matter a known sage once had this to say about Dragons,

I only know two things about dragons. The first thing is that it’s hard to know what there is to know about dragons when there isn’t much to know in the first place, and the only way we can be sure there is anything to know at all is because we don’t know anything. What we do know is mostly rumor and conjecture, fanciful history from questionable sources, or old legends. The second thing I know about dragons is that its mostly summed up by the first thing.

Some dragons choose to reveal themselves to outsiders, others watch from hiding, and some may simply slumber in privacy for a century or so. Some prey on anything that comes near, others try and warn men off only attacking in self defense and some may slip away quietly preferring to never be seen.

Dragons are enigmatic and unpredictable. Their character is hard to define because they are so different from humanoids. Their sense of knowledge and time is impossible to comprehend for mere men, and so is their sense of connection with it. Dragons see most people for what they are. Pathetic, pitiful creatures with limited faculties for understanding… much like a small captive fish trying to comprehend the world from a bowl.

Some humanoids are special though, interesting to observe, interact and converse with. Dragons have also been known to take interest in certain current events, and may even influence them in some way or another… perhaps so discreetly that their involvement is never suspected? Or else directly involving themselves so surprisingly and brazenly that the sheer shock and majesty of it would be the only thing anyone remembers about the event at all.

One example of such a scene was a thousand years ago when a great dragon attacked the city of Ayuthaya in the Kingdom of Sammura on the continent of Akhenaten killing King Hamza and wreaking havoc on much of the city. The dragon, a female Land Dragon by the name of Khetsara-Akular (which means “Mother Terror” in Akhenaten) was actually attacking the city for the sake of its wyrmling stolen from her lair by Vulkh, an albino Vul who was working for King Hamza.

When Dragons Rule

Dragons naturally inspire fear within humanoids the same way a hawks circling shadow will make mice scurry for cover. They are at the top of Sions food chain and they know it. Some dragons fancy being worshipped and revered as well as feared. These vainglorious wyrms feel the need to rule mortal men, as a constant reminder of their own greatness and power. There’s a reason there are more dragons than Dragonslayers and that will likely never change.

There are several notable examples of dragons wearing crowns (mostly figuratively speaking) but one land in particular has a tradition for it. In Caishi there exists a mythical ancient Under Dragon (perhaps the most ancient) named Zu. It was Zu who caused the great earthquake at the start of the Xia Period.


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