Death and Healing

Death and Healing

Kind of Dead or Really Dead?

A character is not truly dead until they exceed their con score in negative HP’s or DMG.

What happens to the Soul?

A character’s soul cannot be claimed by their deity until the character’s body is properly handled in the manner specified by that deity overseen by a priest of that deity. Aka burial, cremation, etc. Until that happens, their soul is vulnerable. Nor can their soul be claimed by a deity if their body lies in an area tainted or blessed by an opposing power.

In circumstances where a character’s body is utterly annihilated or otherwise unrecoverable, their soul must be summoned by a priest of their deity before it can transition into the possession of the deity.

One exception to this is if the character undertakes a quest personally at the request of the deity. In such cases, the deity is presumed to be actively monitoring the characters health and can take possession of their soul straightaway.


PC’s regain lost HP’s at the rate of 1 per hour while resting. (except for Serious/Critical damage. Those wounds require healing)

Death and Healing

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