Cult of Herod

Cult of Herod
Pronounced Herr-Odd
Greater Deity
King of Demons and Devils
Symbol: The Unholy Star
Home Plane: Herod’s Paradise
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: Conflict, Conquest, Evil, Retribution, Tyranny
Worshipers: Khimeran, enemies of Chivalan, enemies of Church of Pentos
Cleric Alignments: Any Evil
Domains: Corruption, Demonic, Destruction, Evil, Magic, Trickery
Favored Weapon: “Herods Blessing” Bastard Sword

Their most important tenet is they never betray the trust of another Herodan unless that Herodan did so. For Herodans, evil is a tool against the enemy not their brethren.

Clergy and Temples

The Cult of Herod is the most ancient religion of western Sion. Established 3,000 years ago in Chival by King Khimera. Herod is the demon god of Magic, Pride and Treachery and his first and greatest devotee on Sion was King Khimera. Khimera’s kingdom was located in central Chival ruling the surrounding provinces of Mordhel, Ateria, Chatel, Vorkosigan and Aurig.

King Khimera encouraged worship of Herod among his loyal vassals, for as the cult of Herod grew in size and strength he was ever more greatly rewarded by Herod. Cultists of Herod, or “Herodans”, were capable of great evil.

The Herodans ruled over Chival for a thousand years until another religion took root founded by five saints. These saints claimed the god Pentos appeared to them, independently but simultaneously with five commandments. The first among these commandments was to establish dominance of their church over all other religions.

Together the saints worked to establish the Church of Pentos within the settlements of Estremadura, Hacilar, Corcea Mors, Drakhous, and Sauveterre. Saint Vespasian was responsible for the Church of Pentos in the settlement of Hacilar.

Saint Vespasian was the first of the saints to take up arms against the Herodans. Not long after that, a Khimeran army led by Herodans came to gather around the settlement of Hacilar and laid siege. The settlement was sacked in short order, and St. Vespasian himself was captured and publicly executed as an example to the others.

The other saints called for the first holy crusade against the Herodans and the great majority of Chivalans joined forces against them. The next few years were known as the great cleansing, as Chivalans everywhere exterminated Herodans wherever they could be found.

This crusade accomplished more then the fall of the Herodans and their kingdom of Khimera. It also joined the Chivalan people together in a way that had never been done before. The Chivalan people chose their first king, and the saints elected the first patriarch.

But while the great majority of Herodans were killed, some survived in hiding. No longer in a position of power, they took up professions in rural towns and villages, gathering together in secret to plot against the Church. And so it has remained ever since

Cult of Herod

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