Aluja Expanse

Aluja Expanse


Size: Approx 8,000 square miles
Allegiance: None
Government: Shumayal Dynasty of the Quresh
Power Center Alignment: NE
Technology Base: Dark Ages
Population: 4,000; Approx 2 persons per square mile.
Population Demographics: 85% Rural, 5% Urban, 10% Abroad
Racial Demographics: 15% Quresh, 40% Humanoids, 35% Humans, 10% Demihumans
Class Demographics: 10% Upper Class, 41% Middle Class, 24% Lower Class, 25% Slaves
Law Rank: 0
Overthrows: Kezzarat Theocracy (3,000 years ago)
Legal Code: None
Law Enforcement: Very little
Corruption: Significant
Social Standing: Sometimes Matters

Ruined Towns and Villages
Ruins of Ephesus Ruins of Arad Ruins of Yezzer Ruins of Zorah Ruins of Anoah Ruins of Monah Ruins of Araz
Sites and Landmarks
Restless Sands Inn Oasis of Old Souls Pit of Bet’shava Hills of Kumbakarna
Kingdom of Vulkh Kingdom of Maharatha Sezzara Wasteland Kingdom of Barossa Emirate of Khorasa


The Aluja Expanse is a barren, lawless, region north of the mighty mountains of Maharatha and south of the Kingdom of Vulkh. Much of it is covered by the Thayamar desert. Several ancient towns and villages are lost and buried here beneath the sands.

Neither Vulkh, nor Maharatha lay claim to this region, formally part of the Kezzarat Theocracy nearly three thousand years ago. That theocracy fell after a great calamity brought upon by evil forces. It exists now only as a an active volcanic wasteland known as the Sezzara Wasteland. Those responsible for the calamity are rumored to be the Quresh who were cursed with golden eyes for their greed.

The Quresh make no claims to own the Aluja expanse, but there is no doubt that is the truth. Anyone who attempts to rebuild or repopulate the area is swiftly killed or captured by evil humanoids who emerge from the Sezzara Wasteland. As such, travelers do well not to dwell here for long.

Encounter Table
Animals Humanoids Monsters Outsiders
1 Giant Termite (1/3) Kobold (1/4) Ashen Husk (3) Araton (6)
2 Vulture (1/3) Goblin (1/3) Dune Hag (4)
3 Dromedary Camel (1) Orc (1/2) Werecrocodile (4)
4 Giant Termite Queen (1) HobGoblin (1/2) Sand Golem (12)
5 Two-Humped Camel (1) Gnoll (1) Dry Lich (?)
6 Giant Termite Soldier (2)
7 War Camel (2) Wasteland Troll (7)
8 Dire Jackal (2)
9 Dire Vulture (3)
10 Sand Hunter (3)
11 Dire Puma (4)
12 Scorpion Swarm (5)
13 Giant Banded Lizard (7)
14 Death Scarab Swarm (8)


The Aluja Expanse was formally a province in the Kezzarat Theocracy nearly three thousand years ago. Its location geographically was valuable because it granted access to the Arosis River in the east.

At that time there was a large town on the river bank known as Ephesus, which provided berths for river-going ships and barges. Ephesus was ruled by a Kezzarat Governor while the rest of the region was ruled by a Sezzaran Chief.

Aluja was sparsely populated and old fashioned compared to the interior of the theocracy. Sezzaran nomads roamed this province in the traditional lifestyle of their ancestors while large trade caravans passed through carrying goods and visitors all the way to the Kezzarat capital of Cyrael.

This province was one of the most lawless and dangerous in the Theocracy, even before the great calamity. After the great calamity the Quresh went into exile and began an extermination of other Sezzarans. Any Sezzaran who didn’t have golden eyes was hunted unto death by the Quresh or mercenaries they hired.

All the towns and villages of the region were burned and laid to ruin. Any attempts to rebuild or repopulate the region were swiftly put down by evil humanoids who emerged from the Sezzara Wasteland. It has remained so ever since.

Aluja Expanse

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