Pronounced Parse-eh-an

Parcean men and women are pale skinned and bright-eyed with curly dark hair. Men and women prefer to wear their hair long, with important men typically growing beards. Parcean men average 5’9” in height. By tradition, married women keep their hair tied out in public.


Parcean culture is jovial and loud. Food and drink are enjoyed copiously whenever possible. Art and music are also highly appreciated here, but usually only enjoyed by the wealthy.

Food & Drink

“Ouzo” is a well known traditional Parcean drink best tried over a table of seafood, and in the company of good friends. It is a very strong liquor with a distinct minty odor. It is best sipped out of a shot glass straight, on the rocks, or diluted with water. It is famous for the major hangovers it produces and should be taken with some care.

Ouzo is served chilled in a short shot glass, or in a tall one. In the short glass it’s served straight up, while in the tall glass it’s served with ice, and a small quantity of water can be added to turn it a cloudy color. In either case, even though ouzo is served in a “shot” glass, it is sipped slowly over conversation, seafood, or small bites of grilled octopus.

“Raki” or “Tsipouro” are similar in taste and volatility and they are distilled from grapes in a local kitchen. Hangovers can be lengthy after a long night of drinking Raki or Tsipouro. Similarly to ouzo, raki and tsipouro are served chilled in a shot glass and sipped slowly over conversation and food bites (cucumbers, meatballs, snails, cheese, or seafood), but it’s rarely diluted with ice or water.


Ancient History – 3,500 years ago

Ancient Parceans practiced both burial and cremation. The tribal chiefs were entombed together in a large stone building called a Megaronand the peoples ashes were cremated and collected together in large urns. They also invented wine.

The Parceans were the first to invent the compass which they used most commonly for art. They are credited for the finest pottery in Sion, inventing the potters wheel, and great kilns to achieve higher quality glazes.

Age of Kings – 2,500 years ago

By this point the Parceans had elected a king and established a working government, but their island was quite barren, and there was not enough arable farmland to support the steady population growth. There was widespread famine, and the government claimed ownership of all the crops to ensure everything was equally rationed.

As a reaction to the overpopulation, economic problems and political tensions in Parcea, many immigrated to Chival, Gallia or Mgorongoro during this period. Some went freely while others were exiled.


Dark Days in Sion Narayan