Size: Large Town
Type: Conventional, Monstrous
Alignment: LN
Population: 6,000
Racial Demographics: 70% Humans, 20% Demihumans, 10% Humanoids, Approximately two dozen Vul.
Class Demographics: 10% Military, 1% Clergy, 5% Upper Class, 20% Middle Class 30% Lower Class, 24% Slaves
Allegiance: Kingdom of Vulkh
Government: ruled by Merchant Lord Farik
Power Center Alignment: LE
Technology Base: Crusades
Wealth: 6,000,000 GP
Law Rank: 6
Transitions: 100+ Years of Order
Legal Code: Laws of Vulkh
Law Enforcement: Moderate
Corruption: Some
Social Standing: Usually Matters

Administrative Brothels Guild Halls Inns
Cabarda Town Hall The Silver Lady Cabarda Tanners Guild Putyuk’s Rooms
Cabarda Town Jail The Tart and the Tramp Cabarda Guides Guild The Red Sands
Cabarda East Garrison Frisky Business Cabarda Equestrians Guild The Seven Swans
Cabarda West Garrison Cabarda Builders Guild
Cabarda Vulkyrie Tower Cabarda Merchants Guild
Shops Shrines Taverns Temples
Ora’s Potions Cabarda Shrine to Vergadain The Blessed Barrel Temple of Ishvar
Sonja’s Swords Cabarda Shrine to Marthammor Druin The Howling Owl
Joseph’s Wagons Cabarda Shrine to Brandobaris The Magic Brew
Hakh’s Axes Cabarda Shrine to Urgolan The Smiling Demon
Vhot’s Rare Goods Cabarda Shrine to Gelf Darkhearth Tavern of Doom
Tog’s Delving Supplies The Goblins Goblet
Sultan’s Stallions Fools Gold Tavern
Jabbar’s Trade Goods Twelve Apple Alehouse
The Fire and the Flagon
The Cursed Cup

Landmarks Mercenaries
Cabarda Caves of the Northern Hill The Black Lions
Drehd’s Devils

North South East West
Artani Tabba Masaeus Kavati


Cabarda is a fairly significant stopover on the road west of Masaeus, before it hooks northward around Mt. Azoa towards distant Ayuthaya, capital of the Kingdom of Vulkh.

Most streets here are made of packed earth with drainage ditches over a buried sewer system. Most of the buildings are stone and mortar, bricks, or adobe. Their rooftops are typically clay tiles, but a few of the poorest shacks have thatch-roofs while some of the fanciest buildings use large sheets of bronze or copper.

Cabarda is run by a merchant-lord named Farrik, who like all of his ilk east of the desert, answer to Baron Zomok of Masaeus. Farrik is selfish and greedy, but he cares about the appearance of his town and the maintenance of law and order.

Sheriff Tamir is the chief law enforcer of Cabarda, yet he makes protecting the goods of merchant convoys on their way too or from Masaeus his first priority. Other needs of the locals can wait, which creates opportunity for a small thieves guild to operate here.

The most dangerous denizens of Cabarda would doubtlessly be the two dozen Vulkyrie that nest in a tower near city hall. Other powerful groups would be the guilds and mercenary bands that compete with each other for contracts.


Cabarda has a prosperous history, which unfortunately makes it a favorite target for bandits and evil humanoid raids. Much of the wealth channeled through its gates is spent on upkeep for its thick twelve-foot walls and large watch garrisons. Guard patrols and ranger scouts must stay alert for trouble from the nearby hills and the desert.

Merchant Lord Farrik accepted governance of the town after its previous lord Rahed was arrested by the Vulfear for suspicion of corruption little over three years ago. Sheriff Tamir was his personal bodyguard and enforcer before he became a lord, and he still serves him well as the sheriff, though there has been some friction between them of late when seen together in public.


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