Pronounced Athen-eh-an


Ancestored by Parcean immigrants who migrated to Mgorongoro, Atheneans share their pale skin, bright eyes and dark curly hair. But they tend to be heavier and a couple inches taller then their island cousins. Centuries of hard living founding their Commonwealth of Athenea encouraged the strongest and tallest of the Parcean immigrants to be the most successful.


Athenean culture is militaristic and orderly, yet highly divided. The rich and powerful aristocracy are vainglorious and greedy, close-minded to the cares of outsiders. Archons (those raised to serve the crown in the military) are disciplined and brave, but lack compassion. Commoners by and large are more open-minded and friendly. They interbreed with and sometimes marry the native Mgorongoron.

Food & Drink

“Ouzo” is a well known traditional Parcean drink best tried over a table of seafood, and in the company of good friends. It is a very strong liquor with a distinct minty odor. It is best sipped out of a shot glass straight, on the rocks, or diluted with water. It is famous for the major hangovers it produces and should be taken with some care.

Ouzo is served chilled in a short shot glass, or in a tall one. In the short glass it’s served straight up, while in the tall glass it’s served with ice, and a small quantity of water can be added to turn it a cloudy color. In either case, even though ouzo is served in a “shot” glass, it is sipped slowly over conversation, seafood, or small bites of grilled octopus.

“Raki” or “Tsipouro” are similar in taste and volatility and they are distilled from grapes in a local kitchen. Hangovers can be lengthy after a long night of drinking Raki or Tsipouro. Similarly to ouzo, raki and tsipouro are served chilled in a shot glass and sipped slowly over conversation and food bites (cucumbers, meatballs, snails, cheese, or seafood), but it’s rarely diluted with ice or water.


Parcean (Athenean dialect); Verbal and Written. Most Atheneans also hear a lot of the native Mgorongoron tongue in their daily life, so many learn to speak that as well.



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