Half Elf (Human Akhenaten/High Elf), Age 29


An attractive woman of delicate bone structure, who is very pale skinned (Unlike most of the local Akhenatens who are usually well tanned). It is obvious from the curve of her almond-shaped eyes and the high set of her cheek bones that she is a half elf. Her hair is brunette, thick and curly, which she keeps knotted behind her neck.
Beneath her cloak she wears an unremarkable long-sleeved blouse and leggings that are loose enough to wear armor beneath them, though which type that might be is unclear.
Her belt, boots and gloves are all made from supple leather. She carries a pair of masterwork daggers on her hips and around her neck she wears a beautiful pendant inset with a modest but brilliantly sparkling emerald. Her eyes you notice now, are a grey-green color that give away little emotion.


(Unknown until written by player.)


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