Sauel Coran

Human (Akhenaten)/Natural Werewolf, Age 24, 5'6"


Sauel looks fairly plain, little facial hair beyond a goatee. Dressed in simple yet clean clothes that don’t stand out at all.

Wolf Form:A bit larger than your typical wolf, he’s Silver and gray, and looks similar enough to Rabi they could have been litter mates almost.

Hybrid Form: A large hulking form that hints it’s nightmareish rumors. Sharp gleaming teeth and sharp eyes that lock onto their prey.

Rabi: A gray wolf standing 3’6" tall. Sauel’s animal companion.


Sauel was born a WereWolf, so unlike afflicted werewolves he would always have full control of his beast and at a young age not only countered it, but learned to control it, it became a part of him. His Lycanthrope blood began to really show when he hit puberty, and he was removed from society for a couple years kept within the pack, but was protected from the effects of pact politics.

Pack life is not fun or easy; Thankfully Sauel’s alpha was quite fair and didn’t rule with an iron fist and through sheer fear. Sauel always had given his loyalty, but a show of challenge between the alpha and a lesser were wanting the position showed first hand how strong his alpha not only was, but a lesson in sheer practicality.

Sauel learned being a lycanthrope was about Survival. Humans feared them, and those that were identified tended to get killed quickly and harshly due to the bad name infected/afflicted lycans gave them all. The basic rule boiling down to, if it came down to you or them, it would be you. A few fights forced him to understand the world he lived in, and when he should act in certain ways.

Sauel gave himself a few orders of priority, and those were: Himself first and foremost, His pack, His friends, Finally Bystanders. If given a choice, he would kill to protect himself or due to orders, but he didn’t enjoy taking out unsuspecting innocent bystanders. Sauel tried to believe there was more good to the world then bad, but it was hard to find good examples once a person’s position went above a certain level.

Currently, sauel was sent on a mission which was explained to him when he arrived. With a new (temporary) dominant he hopes to learn and finish growing. His long term goals include helping to rid some large problem (as much as he could help anyways), and perhaps becoming the leader of his own pack when he felt strong enough.

PreHistoric: Sauel used to be Samuel Acorn in a previous game from 10 years ago. In that game he was this overall Neutral Good character who had a long term goal of just trying to survive in a world being overrun by vampires and werewolves to where it was almost an arms race to see who was going to be strongest and humans would become this extinct race.

Sauel Coran

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