Malic Helmmaker

Mountain Dwarf, Male, NG, 155, Cleric (3), Fighter (2)


Malic Helmmaker keeps his beard thick and square, braiding the strands beneath his jaw through beads marked with runes. The strands beneath his chin are longer and braided through additional beads, spaced horizontally.

Over his shoulder he wears a billowy travel cloak, brownish in color and plain of make. He carries a round medium steel shield strapped over their back bearing the painted symbol of the StoneBones clan, a skull made of rock with veins of silver and gold spider-ed through it and a diamond clenched between the teeth.

Malic wears a breastplate over a short sleeve tunic. It is clearly a functional rather than a fashionable piece as its steel is heavily scoured with pitting, dents and spots of rust. Hanging around his neck is a heavy silver chain bearing the anvil holy symbol of Moradin that tinks as he moves. His forearms and the back of his hands are thickly tufted with grey hair. He also wears two rings on each hand.

For weapons he carries a dagger, a short sword and a crossbow.


Malic Helmmaker

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