Jabbar Najafi


Jabbar is a smuggler operating out of Cabarda in eastern Vulkh. He is friends and former partners with Kayote Burlock. Jabbar is likely in his late forties, thin, yet still evidently fit and strong. His face is well-weathered by the sun with a short-cropped beard and grey hair. You note a pale scar across his jaw and cheekbone that carries on down the side of his neck and likely across his shoulder and back currently hidden by a tunic. By the look of it the scar isn’t very old, perhaps a year or two at most? His eyes are clever and confident yet also dark with the hint of cruelty

His family name, Najafi, is very old and honorable in this region of Akhenaten. Some of his ancestors were important tribal chiefs, traders, even prophets.the locals here love and revere him as one of their leaders. He’s a religious minded man as well.


Jabbar Najafi

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