Human (Katanese), Age 20, 5'4", 125lbs.


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She is an albino, very odd looking and rare in her culture. Most in her land would consider her a demon or monster in appearance, although she is quite beautiful by human standards. She usually keeps her long wild hair tied up with string in a loose ponytail/bun. She usually smells of jasmine or sweet and spicy exotic scents, because of the soaps she uses to keep herself clean. She carries a medium sized backpack on her back with her only belongings inside. Her clothes are shown below:

Emiko d d outfit armor

Kit a.k.a. Kitsune:
She is a female arctic fox, with all white fur. She is 28" in length, and 4lbs. in weight. Kit is Emiko’s familiar, so she is considered a magical beast. Here is a video of common sounds a fox makes (For reference for later, so you can know how it might sound when Emiko and Kit talk to each other, once Emiko reaches level 5 and up.):

Churchill arctic foxes


She was born with snow white hair, blood red eyes, an albino, with mysterious powers gifted to her through a kind Yuki-On-Na (or so her mother told her). The story her mother told her of her conception is as follows: Her mother could not bare children and her mother prayed endlessly to be blessed with a child to make her husband happy. On a night of heavy snowfall she was thinking to herself wondering why the gods cursed her with a barren womb, tears fell as she wandered outside the village into the snow. She thought of going further to the nearby cliffs and ending her life, her husband had already begun to hint at looking for a new woman to birth him a child. Fortunately a Yuki-On-Na heard her anguish and wanted to help her. The woman fell asleep from the cold and numbness of the snow storm. When she awoke she felt much warmer and found herself at the edge of her village, she also felt a strange special feeling come about her, a strange sort of happiness. She went home to bed with her husband she said she had gotten lost in the snow. He was drunk and just angry that she was late getting home and decided to roughly have his way with her again as he did on many nights. A few weeks went by and she realized she was pregnant. Her husband began to treat her much nicer and cared for her more. She sang to the child in her womb and dreamed of having a beautiful little girl. Her husband and her were very happy to be expecting a child. When the child was born she looked very different from the rest of the people in the village, she was very beautiful but she was an albino with such pale white skin and hair and eyes the color of blood. The father was frightened by the child’s appearance and accused the mother of adultery with a demon of some sort. Jun, the mother, pleaded with her husband, Norio, for him to believe her, and she told him the story of her prayers and the beautiful woman she saw in the snow storm. Still Norio treated Jun with distrust and shame, but he let her keep the child they had wanted so badly but wouldn’t even give the child the family’s surname of Shima. Jun named the child Emiko, it means beautiful blessing. As the child grew she was ridiculed for her appearance by the other villagers, and called the daughter of a whore or a monster. Her father Norio started to drink more to ease his embarrassment, and he became an alcoholic sometimes being violent with her mother or sometimes even with her. She had no friends, the other children and even the adults were always cruel to her or scared of her. She was often left alone with no one to talk to, so she would explore the forests around her village and spend her time talking to and/or playing with the wild animals she would come across, sometimes helping them out of traps or helping them find food. Her mother Jun was the only person in the village that showed her any bit of kindness, but sadly Jun still resented her and never let her get too close. As Emiko grew she noticed strange powers she was starting to develop, sometimes when she was angry or very emotional her hands would start to feel strange and sometimes slightly burn the things she touched it seemed, but it wasn’t like regular fire, it burned in bright white and blues and sometimes felt like a burning cold or sometimes hot. She tried to hide these changes from others and kept herself as calm as possible for fear of what might happen. She saw herself as a monster. On the night of her 13th birthday (another birthday that only her mother would mention anything about) she felt very tired, more so than normal, and she decided to go to bed early. Her mother being kind enough at least to finish the rest of her many chores for her since it was Emiko’s birthday after all. She fell asleep in her bed and began to dream a very long dream. She dreamed of a big celebration that her village put together in honor of her birthday, but the dream soon turned into a nightmare. The celebration turned into a cruel joke aimed at Emiko. The other children and even the adults began to ridicule her and throw rocks at her and laugh. Then she began to feel a strange energy grow inside her with her anguish. All of a sudden she couldn’t take it anymore and she just let it flow, everything around her started to burn with this energy all the people were dying and the whole village was covered in strange bluish white flames. When she realized her mother was screaming in pain she finally woke up. She awoke to find that her dream had come true, everything was burning. Her mother had tried to wake her it seemed, but it was too late. Everyone, including her mother, was dead. The strange flames had consumed most of the village. She spent a few days recovering from what had happened. She buried what was left of her mother’s body. She searched for unburnt supplies in the ruins of her village so she could take care of herself. She didn’t understand what this power was or how to control it. Not knowing how to feel about the death of her village she would wander about exploring the remains and thought about what it might of been like to be them instead of this monster that she was. She started to become lonely and get low on food and decided to go into the wild to try and find another village or maybe travelers passing by, but there was nothing but wild forests for miles. While foraging for food she was interrupted by a mighty bear, she tried desperately to defend herself but she couldn’t control her powers and was starting to lose the fight quickly. Out of the trees came a little old man he looked to be katanese as well but she had never seen him back in her village before. The bear was about to make a killing blow on Emiko but it stopped when it noticed the little old man coming out of the forest to the side of it. The man threw a small stone at the bear and it rushed to attack the man instead. Suddenly Emiko saw strange flames somewhat like the ones she made but a different fiery red color and they were coming from the old man! The old man blasted the bear with his powers killing it before it could even reach him. She fainted at the sight of it and from her wounds caused by the bear. Ayumu Mori was the old man’s name. When he took her to his home and helped to heal her wounds he asked where she had come from and how she learned to cast spells. she had told him about what had happened in her village and her life before meeting him. He seemed troubled and confused when he learned that she knew nothing of spells, but had a great power within her instead. Ayumu told her he had been an outcast of his people as well, he had survived many years on his own becoming a very powerful magic user. When she was fully healed from the wounds the bear gave her he asked her if she wanted to stay and be his apprentice. She was amazed by his powers and the strange things he kept in his home and she figured it was better than being cold and starving and alone so she accepted. He gave her a special tattoo upon her forehead in red ink of a lotus flower. When she asked him what it meant he told her that it was a symbol of rebirth, that she was reborn from the ashes of her old life and can start anew. He took in emiko and raised her as his own, teaching her to use her powers better and other things about the world as well. Finally the days came when emiko was beginning to have to take care of him. His aging bothered him greatly and he would always refuse her help but sickness came easily to him now and he grew weaker as time went on. She knew he was much older than most men of their kind would ever grow to be, and it seemed the more things he taught her the weaker he grew. One day he wrote emiko a letter saying goodbye and that he was going into the wild to die a natural death. By the time emiko had awoken that day to find the letter it was too late, Ayumu had already fallen to some beasts out in the wild. All that was left for her to know his body was a necklace he had always worn since she had known him. Half his face was missing and his lower parts had been eaten to shreds. She burned his remains and spent weeks trying to understand what had happened to him. she still keeps some of his ashes with his necklace in a small pouch that she always keeps with her and wears around her neck under her armor and haori. Months had gone by and she was all alone again. she decided to try out something Ayumu had once told her about, summoning a familiar to be a companion. After the ritual succeeded she was blessed with a little female white fox as her familiar, she named her Kitsune and calls her Kit for short. Unfortunately Kitsune was not enough to console her loneliness, she needed to speak to another person and she dreamed of seeing the places and things Ayumu had told her about from his journeys. Finally she decided to go out into the world to explore, meet people, and to make stories of her own to tell. She made her way down to the cold shores of her northern island, Yama. In one of the coastal towns she was able to sneak aboard one of the passing trade ships that visited her islands. When they were already at sea she was found as a stow away, but the ship’s captain decided to let her stay aboard as long as she cooked and cleaned for the crew, fortunately for her their previous cook was terrible. The crew enjoyed her delicious meals and payed her no mind, except for a few that were more unsettled by her appearance. One day one of those few decided to pull a cruel trick on her that ended with her being covered in rotting fish guts. The man that had arranged the prank said “there that’s better now you look even more like a monster and you smell more like one as well” and he laughed at her as few of his buddies laughed as well. She couldn’t control her anger and her powers surged burning the left side of the man’s body and some of the piled ropes behind him as well as scorching a small part of the surface of the deck. The ship’s captain was furious but also somewhat afraid, he decided he would send her off at the next port, which happened to be in Akhenaten, with a few supplies and some money. In hopes that she wouldn’t react badly to him dismissing her from his service and damage more of his ship. Emiko then wandered the lands of Akhenaten earning some coin for her singing at inns and also helping or playing tricks on the occasional travelers on the roads. More details and background on her is continued in the personality section…

Personality/influences on personality:

She usually smells of sweet and spicy flower scents because of the scented soaps she likes to use. It makes her feel fancier and helps her to forget the poor village she came from.
She eats most things with her hands, unless it is liquid, then she will drink it straight from the bowl or cup and does not require a spoon, because of the way she eats she usually burns off the residue of the food and possible stickiness with her heat from within. You might see it as a faint light bluish glow to her hands, but she usually keeps them out of sight of others when she does it.
She doesn’t like people to know about her powers for fear of being ridiculed as a freak, but she will display them if threatened. She loves nature and animals, because she has spent a lot of her younger life only knowing those things. She is easily confused by sexual things because she is used to being treated as a freak or a monster, and as a student/housekeeper to Ayumu Mori. The only intimacy she has ever received was hugs from her mother (rarely, only when she was an infant or very little) and cuddles and licks on her cheek or arms from her fox or other friendly animals. She thinks that males and females of all shapes, sizes, and races can have sexually attractive qualities. Although she doesn’t understand what to do with those feelings of sexual attraction or what sexual attraction even is when she is feeling it. She used to think that the sexual urges she has are actually violent urges related to the destruction she caused in her dream on that night long ago. She thought that when she was having sexual urges towards a person it meant the flames within her hungered to consume them and bring their death. Once before one of her urges was so great that she accidentally used her powers to kill the person she wanted so badly and she cried for weeks after it happened (this took place in the cold shore town of her island). She knows now that unleashing her powers is not the answer to this urge she has, and she is still trying to find a relief for these feelings, but is afraid of hurting another person she cares about. When she had read something in Ayumu’s books mentioning sex before she asked him to explain what it was. He told her “You don’t need to know of those complicated things. You will be a virgin for the rest of your life”. When she asked him what a virgin was he replied “They are a symbol of purity”. He sighed at her and told her “no one can get close to your flame or they will get burned… Trust me… I know…” She is mostly honest and blunt unless she feels the information could bring harm to her or something she cares about. She enjoys being playful and tricksy sometimes hiding and acting like her fox does. She is easily fascinated by other races or creatures that are not native to the wilds where she grew up, and to things involved with towns or cities, since she had only known her small poor village and the shack in the wilderness that her and Ayumu lived in. Everything that she does know is mostly learned from reading books that belonged to Ayumu. Books were his precious treasure he shared with her and the people of her village had no use for things like books or reading and writing, but Ayumu taught her well. Ayumu Mori was a grumpy old man, and the rest of the people she had known were very cruel to her, so she feels awkward when treated in a nice way or when people are in a joyful or sexual mood towards her. Along her travels since she left her forests she has slowly gotten used to those things and tried to mimic other people that she sees. She loves to learn about people and things around her, but she is shy about asking questions because she still sees herself as a freak and outcast. People stare and talk about her because of her appearance and she assumes that they all see her as a freak. She loves to sing and is confident in her performance in singing, she doesn’t see singing as something to be embarrassed about at all because it’s just using your voice in a different way, but she doesn’t like people staring at her when she does it so she will always wear her hood up to cover her face. She didn’t understand at first why people enjoyed her singing so much and why they would give her money when she would be resting somewhere singing to herself, but after studying people in different towns and seeing others sing or do other performances, she noticed that it was considered a skill that people enjoyed and would pay to hear. After seeing and hearing others perform badly some of the time she also understood that her singing was of a good quality for what most people liked to hear, so it then made sense why others would pay her to reward her advanced skill with her voice. Most of the time she keeps her hood up to hide herself around people she doesn’t know, unless she is in an area with people that look as strange as her, then she feels its safer to let herself be seen. She has also learned her appearance seems to make people uneasy in some way. She has a strong need to be wanted, after so many pushed her away as she was growing up. She knows it’s not simply loneliness because she still feels the aching when she is with her fox. She aches for someone to share all of her secrets with, protect her and travel the world with her. She is starting to realize it may be the thing called love that she has read about in books, that it might be what she aches for. At the same time she is very reluctant to open up to others for fear of being an outcast again or hurting someone. She believes very strongly in freedom. She will do what she needs to in order to get what she needs or to get something done for someone for a job. If the employer wants her to acquire an object and a pregnant woman is physically trying to keep her from it she will kill her without hesitation, if there is no other way to get her out of the way. She doesn’t see killing as evil but she also doesn’t think mindless killing at random with no reason or purpose at all is okay. She thinks keeping prisoners is okay if it’s for an important purpose or reason, but she doesn’t approve of keeping them just for fun or to torture them just for the thrill of it. She doesn’t like slavery. If they are a slave by choice or to pay off a debt or something they brought on themselves that’s different, but if they are taken from their lives when they are minding their own business and then forced into slavery, she is not okay with that. She is still learning a lot of things about street smarts and interacting with other people, so she can be very odd and naive. She learned a few things from watching other women on the streets and how they talk to merchants and others, and she sometimes makes awkward attempts to do as the locals do. She likes to write in a large journal she keeps with her about her travels and experiences and sometimes will draw pictures of scenery, or people she meets, to go along with her words. When she thinks others are not around or no one can see what she is doing she will sometimes use her powers to burn a face into some trees or other permanent objects she finds using her fingertips and she may talk to the face as if it were a spirit watching everything that goes on around it.


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