Avar DarkChains


This dwarf looks like he’s rarely ever slept on a bed… his bearskin cloak is deeply soiled and unkempt, matching his own hair and beard grown wild and untrimmed, so black they look almost tinged with blue. Standing 4’-10" he has the height of a hill dwarf with a warriors build, but his skin is unusually pale.

His garments are made from animal skins. His leather leggings are stuffed into tall moccasins strapped around his shins. He carries a bone-handled hunting knife and horn-handled throwing axe tucked into his waistband. Over his upper body, his leather tunic is pulled open partway where it’s normally cinched tight, revealing a tattoo across his lower neck that looks like broken chain-links?

You glimpse more tattoo’s of chain-links around his forearms where the tunic pulls up as he stretches. He looks to be barely an adult by dwarven standards, but there’s enough confidence behind his grey eyes to give you the impression he can take care of himself.


Avar DarkChains

Dark Days in Sion Narayan