Alic Helmmaker

Mountain Dwarf, Male, NG, 55, Fighter (3)


Mountain Dwarf, Male, Age 55, 4’4", 170 lbs. Black Hair & Beard, Brown eyes.

Alic is young for a dwarf, black of hair who wears his beard plain, no braids, no beads, and trims it shorter along his jaw. His eyes are dark brown. Over his shoulders he wears a billowy travel cloak of brownish fabric with a hood. Strapped to his arm is a circular heavy steel shield bearing the painted symbol of a skull made of rock with veins of silver and gold spider-ed through it and a diamond clenched between the teeth. The sigil of clan Stonebones.

Over his broad torso Alic wears a chain-shirt and wears no holy symbol or rings, but he does bear a tattoo of Moradins hammer and anvil on the back of each hand beneath his vanbraces. He also has greaves strapped to his shins over his boots. For weapons he wields a dagger, a hand axe, battleaxe and a MW Heavy Crossbow gifted to him from his friend Kryslogious.


Alic Helmmaker

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